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Save Money when Buying Meat at the Grocery Store

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If you are like most people, you are always searching for creative ways to slash your grocery bill. Unfortunately, the rising cost of groceries, especially for meat, makes doing so a seemingly impossible task. But, with these money saving techniques, you can have your cake, or should we say meat, and eat it too!

Watch for sales

Every week grocery stores feature at least one cut of meat on sale. A budget-friendly idea is to base your meals around this sale item. So, the next time you go to the store to shop for your groceries, check out the sale items first, instead of planning a menu off of your cravings. You may also want to buy a little extra meat when it is on sale so that you can freeze it to cook later.

Grocery stores also sell meat at a lower price when it has reached its “sell by” date. The only catch, you have to cook or freeze it the same day or by the next day before it spoils. This is also a good time to buy meat in bulk, prepare meals ahead, and freeze them for another time. You can even make individual portions to pack in lunches. A simple reheat will provide you with a healthy, homecooked lunch at work!

Buy cheaper cuts

Try planning meals around cheaper cuts of meat. You do not have to have filet mignon or grilled salmon every week, although that would be nice! Instead, buy those more expensive cuts when they are on sale, and alternate between cheaper cuts the rest of the week. Ground beef can be can easily be used as a substitute in a lot of recipes. Plus, it generally costs less than pricier cuts of beef. Also, you can plan on using cheaper cuts of meat in soups, which really helps you stretch a healthy meal when you are on a budget.

Use less meat

This may be your least favorite option, but it works! We no longer live in a time where a nice cut of meat, accompanied by two sides of vegetables, is the norm for dinner. Try to cook using less meat by preparing meals such as chili or soups, using less meat and more veggies as a substitute. You could also swap out boneless, skinless chicken breasts for ground turkey or beef, which is usually cheaper. Still craving more protein in your meals? Try adding legumes or beans for added protein.

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