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New Year’s Resolution-Staying Healthy on a Budget

Kingsport, TN

Now that 2018 is in full swing, how is your commitment to your New Year’s resolutions of getting fit going? If you have committed to getting healthy, there are certainly ways to maintain that promise to yourself without breaking the bank. From gym memberships to personal trainers, from home exercise equipment to diet pills, from workout apparel to healthy food programs, diet and fitness represent a huge moneymaking industry.

Shedding pounds or getting in shape should not mean that you overspend on your budget.

Here are some ways you can continue sticking to that New Year’s resolution and get healthier with minimal spending.

  • Working out at home will save you on gym fees, not to mention gas or travel costs to get to and from the gym. Many home workouts require minimal equipment, or, for body resistance exercise, no equipment whatsoever. Search online to find the right workout plan for you. There are even free apps that you can download on your smartphone to use anywhere. You can also keep track of your progress by using a fitness app.
  • Avoid weight-loss food programs that require a subscription for food delivery, or a monthly fee for support groups, couching, or meetings. You can find any nutritional information you may need online, and by using a little common sense. Check Instagram or Pinterest for recipes that relate to healthy eating. Social media has come a long way! You can even join various groups online to have a support group for free! No paying for advice from gym coaches necessary to keep up with your healthy eating.
  • Avoid eating out. Many restaurants serve portions that are larger than recommended and use unhealthy ingredients. Plus, eating out costs more than cooking. If you must eat out, try limiting it to lunchtime, since entrees are usually cheaper during that time of day. Also, consider splitting a meal with a friend and that way, you both win!
  • Negotiate. If you do choose to join a gym, try to haggle on the membership fees. You may be surprised what you can negotiate.
  • Adopt a dog. Getting a pet means having to walk him or her daily. This naturally gets you out of the house and moving, and pet owners tend to live happier, healthier lives because of the companionship.
  • Get your rest. A person needs seven to eight hours of sleep to restore their mind and body. Getting the proper amount of sleep will keep you feeling energized throughout the day.
  • Shop for bargains. Discount retailers offer name-brand workout apparel and shoes at lower prices than major stores. Looking online for deals, or browsing eBay or Craigslist also is a great way to find workout apparel or even workout equipment at a great low price.

Whatever resolution you set for 2018, we wish you luck in achieving your goals! And, if at any point in the New Year you experience unforeseen expenses and need a short-term loan, drop by the office of A-1 Cash on 1945 Northwest Broad Street in Murfreesboro, or call us at (615) 895-6446.  You also can apply online today for a payday loan at

A-1 Cash is there to serve the Murfreesboro area, which is one of our two locations in Tennessee.

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