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Easy Money for Christmas

Murfreesboro, TN

Now that Halloween is over, we have officially entered the Christmas season. At least that is the way it feels when you visit any store around! But, it can be hard to get into the spirit of the holidays if you are strapped for cash. After all, the holidays can seem bleak without the gifts, the holiday feast, and the trees and trims.

Worried about how you will afford gifts for your loved ones? Not sure how you will afford to cook that delicious Christmas feast? Need to travel for the holidays, and need some extra cash for travel expenses? Christmas should be an enjoyable time of year, but if you are short on cash, this holiday season can prove to be stressful. Let A1 Cash help make your Christmas season enjoyable by helping you get the money you need to make it a special occasion with family and friends.

How can I get cash for the holidays?

A1 Cash offers a variety of services to help you get a little extra money in your pocket. If you aren’t sure which option is best for you, come on into our location on Broad Street in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and one of our caring staff members can assist you.

Cash Advances – This form of borrowing money is essentially like getting paid early, which is why it is often referred to as a payday loan. You can borrow up to a maximum amount of $425, which is dependent on your current income and your ability to repay your loan. This could be a great way to supplement your Christmas shopping if you spot gifts that are going on sale now, but you don’t have the cash on hand. If you need more money, you may be interested in a title loan.

Title Loans – If you own your vehicle, motorcycle, or boat – free and clear (meaning you are not making payments, and you hold the title), then you could qualify for a title loan. This type of loan allows you to use your vehicle as collateral, and we loan you a set amount of money based on the current appraisal of your vehicle. It would be a 30-day loan of up to $2500.

Signature Loans – Our signature loans are for current customers only, which means if you are already taking advantage of one of our other services such as a title loan, then this is an ideal way of borrowing additional money for your financial needs. Since the borrowing limit will vary, depending on the individual applicant, we invite you to come into our office to complete an application and see how much you qualify for.

At A1 Cash, we understand the difficulties people run into with their finances, which is why we offer multiple options to help relieve your stress about money. The holidays are quickly approaching, and you can make it a wonderful time of year for both you and your loved ones.

A-1 Cash services the Middle Tennessee communities of Murfreesboro and Nashville. We are a locally owned and owner operated business. This is important, as you will get great customer service from us at every visit. For more information, please call us at (615) 895-6446.

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