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After School Activities that Cost Little to Nothing!

Murfreesboro, TN

Summer break is over, and kids are back to the normal routine of school. Keeping the kids entertained doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Here are some helpful, yet fun tips for after school activities that cost practically nothing.


Younger kids, especially, love to play make believe. Let their imagination soar by playing dress up. You can use clothes from other family members in the house, or shop at your local thrift store for fun accessories that will amuse your child’s imagination. You could even use construction paper to make hats, and other pretend objects that your child can wear. Get creative!

Painters tape – customize road

A roll of painters tape is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the hours of fun your kids will have. Use the tape to make roads or railways for their cars. The tape is easy to remove, and won’t leave residue on your hardwood flooring or carpet.

Obstacle Course

This activity would be fun for all members of the family. Map out an obstacle course around your home by using furniture, pillows, blankets, and more! Make tunnels using chairs and blankets, and you could even take the fun outside if the weather is nice. How about jumping into a pile of leaves at the finish line?


An oldie but goodie, who doesn’t love to shake a tail feather? Kids especially love to dance to music, and if the truth be told, you probably do too. So, turn up the radio or hook up an iPod and blast your favorite tunes while you and your kids get down in the living room. It is not only fun, but this activity also doubles as exercise! It’s a win-win!


Although this activity most likely requires parental supervision, especially for the little tykes, it could be a family event for children of all ages. Go online and search for local charities that are looking for volunteers, which most usually are. Let your kids in on the fun of choosing which organization they would like to help out. If you are not able to volunteer, consider letting your kids decorate non-perishables that will be donated to your local food bank.

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